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Weekly Highlights

Showboat – Bill Hodder – May 23, 2019

This morning Bill Hodder of Advanced Blind & Shade gave a very informative presentation and brought samples of the window shutters they manufacture and offer to the clients. Advanced Blind & Shade is the premier seller of window coverings and is the largest retailer of window blinds, shades, and shutters in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. They custom make most blinds and shades right there in their own shops, using the latest industry technology. To learn more about Advanced Blind & Shade and Bill’s professional services please visit

Showboat – Kevin Ippisch – May 16, 2019

Kevin Ippisch of Kevin Ippisch, DDS, Inc. gave a very comprehensive presentation of his dental practice. Kevin uses 3 dimensional x-rays, panoramic and bite-wing x-rays, as well as a fiber-optic laser to illuminate the teeth to check for hidden cracks, reveal abscesses or cysts, bone loss, decay, spacing of teeth, crowding of teeth, and other abnormalities. Detecting and treating dental problems at the early stage allows Kevin to help his patients to save time, money, unnecessary discomfort, and protect their teeth for a lifetime. To learn more about Kevin’s professional services please visit

Showboat – Jon Roddick – May 9, 2019

Jon Roddick of APPI Pool & Spa spoke about his business outreach to customers in the community with a goal of giving them piece of mind as to the quality of their pools, timely alerting them about the repairs that may be needed, etc. This provides his customers with satisfaction at every step in the process and builds a bridge for future working collaboration. He also mentioned the techniques he uses to keep the water blue and inviting, and stressed the need to perform routine maintenance and upkeep to have a pool in great operational status – even in the winter, it is necessary to have the pool tended to, so that it maintains its clarity and quality for year-round usage. A big part of Jon’s business is performing a comprehensive pool / spa inspections at the request of realtors or home buyers. Jon also spoke about the laws and regulations for the pool / spa owners and the need to protect visitors from drowning with up to code fencing. It is necessary for purpose of insuring the home in case there is ever a claim. To conclude his presentation, Jon mentioned that he enjoys being outside, and after so many years in business, he still goes out in the field to do maintenance and finds it very Zen 🙂 To learn more about Jon’s business and his professional services please visit

Showboat – Kevin Finn – May 2, 2019

Kevin Finn of California Shine is an accomplished young business owner with lots of experience and deep knowledge of his trade. His services include headlight restoration, carpet and upholstery steam cleaning, deep leather cleaning, and paint correction. This morning Kevin showcased his business and the tools of his trade, and and answered many questions that his presentation inspired in the audience. To learn more about Kevin’s company please visit

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