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Showboat – Jon Roddick – November 2, 2017

APPI is a recognized leader in swimming pool construction and remodel in Santa Cruz County. This morning Jon Roddick of APPI Pool & Spa spoke about his passion of caring for his clients’ pools and spas in such a way that provides them with satisfaction at every step in the process. He also brought along and showcased different gadgets and tools he and his technicians use on different projects and installations, and answered many questions his presentation inspired in the audience. To learn more about Jon’s business and his professional services please visit

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    Jon referred me to a client to help them obtain a pool heater solar thermal permit. In the process I interacted with the client and Jon on several occasions. During which Jon’s long time customer expressed complete confidence and trust in Jon’s professional services. I observed that Jon’s first priority was always the customers needs not what he might sell or service. And that Jon is a definitive industry expert. Jon is definitely the go to man for any pool related service.

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    Jon Roddick and APPI Pool & Spa are the very best in swimming pool and spa maintenance, construction, remodel, and restoration in Santa Cruz County and beyon. APPI is a family owned and run business with an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. A long history as an acknowledged leader in the industry, you need not look any further than APPI. Serving residential, commercial and industrial pools — you are guaranteed state of the art equipment and first class technicians.

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    I have been working with Jon at APPI Pool & Spa’s for over 10 years. He is the one to call regarding anything pool in Santa Cruz County. He is knowledgeable, conscientious, reliable and kind. He does everything from pool inspections & maintenance to full on repairs. When I refer him to my clients, I know they will get the best service possible. I highly recommend Jon & APPI.

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    Jon Roddick is a great guy. He has a very positive attitude, and is always willing to share information. Jon utilizes the latest technologies to provide the best customer service possible. He is able to think outside the box come up with solutions to unique challenges. APPI Pool and Spa is the only company that I refer people to.

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