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Quarterly Income

The primary purpose of being a member of LeTip is to give and receive qualified business tips or leads. Tips are regularly reviewed by each Chapter’s Tip Master to insure they meet professional criteria and represent a real value to the receiver.

PeriodQuarterly Income
2nd Quarter 2017coming soon...
1st Quarter 2017$175,724 (reported by 27 members)
4th Quarter 2016$154,329 (reported by 24 members)
3rd Quarter 2016$150,455 (reported by 23 members)
2nd Quarter 2016$117,622 (reported by 20 members)
1st Quarter 2016$114,173 (reported by 26 members)
4th Quarter 2015$232,380 (reported by 28 members)
3rd Quarter 2015$297,530 (reported by 30 members)
2nd Quarter 2015$329,545 (reported by 33 members)
1st Quarter 2015$196,500 (reported by 26 members)
4th Quarter 2014$116,105 (reported by 26 members)
3rd Quarter 2014$210,925 (reported by 30 members)
2nd Quarter 2014$328,135 (reported by 36 members)
1st Quarter 2014$226,540 (reported by 35 members)
4th Quarter 2013$228,200 (reported by 28 members)
3rd Quarter 2013$382,810 (reported by 38 members)
2nd Quarter 2013$72,535 (reported by 12 members)
1st Quarter 2013$221,015 (reported by 22 members)