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CLEAN-TEC Restoration

Category: Restoration & Water Damage

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24 Hour Water Damage Cleanup in Santa Cruz County and Beyond
Water can have devastating consequences if not treated quickly and properly. Typical causes of water damage include water heater leaks, fire, weather and burst pipes. Damage will occur if the water is not quickly and properly extracted, and the salvageable property thoroughly dried and disinfected. Water spreads rapidly and can quickly result in costly damages. We clean up contaminated water. Ask about our leak detection services. We are your water damage and water restoration company in Santa Cruz. We can stop the damage from water leaks and flood damage and restore your property.

Mold Remediation, Mold Damage, Mold Restoration and Removal Specialists
Molds produce tiny microscopic spores that waft through the indoor and outdoor air continuously. What this means is that mold can be found both in your home and outside. But, generally speaking, the indoor air quality (mold spore count) should be measurably lower than, but similar (in type) to that of the outdoor air. When mold spores land on indoor surfaces, they begin to grow and to digest whatever material surface they are growing on. Typically, mold will grow on porous items, such as wood, paper, carpet and foods. Where There’s Mold, There‚Äôs Water.

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Contact: Holland Woolley
Address: 111 Dubois Street, Unit C, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Office: (831) 457-8666